This website is a means for composition instructors to incorporate DS into their classrooms. It includes 

  • DS content inclusive textbooks
  • DS classroom inclusive pedagogy and curricula theories bibliography
  • DS pedagogy from my classroom & others (assignments, syllabi, video resources)

universal disability identityDisability Studies in Composition is an on-going project that began with my graduate portfolio exam in Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing (chaired by Amy Vidali in 2014). While there was an end-date for the exam, I hope to keep this site functioning and updating. Exposure to DS content in FYC allows students to “speak and write effectively as well as learn and develop” (Maxine Hairston’s Winds of Change) to become higher-thinking citizens. 

Comments, questions, additions, and suggestions are welcome. Post to a page or contact me via email at marissagmichael [at] gmail [dot] com. 


Sharing is access! Creative Commons License
Disability Studies in Composition by Marissa Michael is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
2016 Marissa picMarissa Michael is an rhet/comp and ESL instructor in 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
Contact her to connect.


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